LiDAR Survey

MI Helicopters has partnered with industry leader Prosurv Pty Ltd to provide airborne LiDAR survey solutions.

Prosurv has more than 25 years conventional surveying experience and remaining at the forefront of the industry is essential to Prosurv. With this in mind Prosurv utilises the Riegl VP-1 LiDAR Helicopter System.

Prosurv values accuracy and results. Their research has confirmed that point density population, especially where a less accurate single return signal on a hard target is undertaken, in comparison to the total station (accurate conventional surveying) that ineffect LiDAR can produce a more true and reflective result of the surface of interest, which is of extreme importance for a special project or engineering application. The portability of the Prosurv Riegl VP-1 LiDAR system also enables quick mobilisation to any region.

Common Applications

  • Pipeline, Power Line and Railway Track Inspection
  • Terrain Mapping
  • Surveying of Urban Environments
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Archaeology & Cultural Heritage
  • Accident Investigation
  • Construction Site Monitoring