Aerial Filming

MI Helicopters has many years of aerial filming experience across a wide range of industries. Whether it be footage for film or television, gas pipelines patrols or aerial surveys of powerline infrastructure, MI Helicopters has the experience and contacts to undertake to job.

MI Helicopters has worked with several of Australia’s top aerial film specialists to produce footage for major television stations and production companies such as the Discovery Channel. We have also assisted in the production of aerial footage for use in corporate videos and utility surveys. Our pilots have a wide range of experience ranging from small, local productions to Hollywood feature films.

Pipeline Patrols

This video demonstrates a pipeline patrol utilising a Cineflex gyro stabilised camera.

The final product that we provide to our clients includes GPS coordinates and a moving map overlaid on the footage to aid in situational awareness whilst viewing the footage. At any point, the footage can be paused and the coordinates noted in order to inform ground crews of potential hazards or concerns.